Civil Litigation

People who are injured in their daily lives by accidents, intentional acts, and other trauma are entitled to compensation for their injuries and associated expenses. These cases are handled in civil courts.

Mr. Regan has handled many civil plaintiff’s and defendant’s cases since going into private practice in 1987. He successfully negotiated a wrongful death case to a final settlement of 1.9 million dollars, one of the largest at the time, and has handled other major civil cases in civil courts.

During the last several years, the firm litigated numerous major civil cases to successful conclusions for its clients, including a 3.5 million dollar insurance settlement in federal court, and several six figure mediated settlements in the last several years.

The Regan Law Firm has extensive experience in the following areas of Civil Litigation:  Product Liability, Bad Faith Insurance Litigation, Business Disputes, Truck and Crane Litigation, Wrongful Death, Contract Litigation and Negotiations and Head Trauma Litigation.

Mr. Regan has defended many major truck and crane litigation cases all over the country and delivered successful results for his clients in a consistent basis.

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