White Collar Criminal Defense

Kevin E.J. Regan is a former federal and state prosecutor, with extensive experience litigating complex federal and state criminal cases. He has recently litigated successful outcomes for white collar clients. He understands how criminal prosecutions work, and is familiar with the framework, techniques and guidelines involved in complex investigations. Clients involved in these cases find themselves in unfamiliar waters and need prompt, competent advice.

This experience is crucial in a high-risk environment, where a single mistake or missed opportunity can result not only in the loss of money but in substantial damage to business and personal reputations and, ultimately, to the deprivation of freedom.

The firm has immediate access to private investigators, computer experts, accountants and other forensic experts required in these types of cases.

Mr. Regan recently successfully handled a bank fraud case for his client, who was wrongly accused. During his deposition of the bank’s security officer, the officer invoked his Fifth Amendment rights and the case was dismissed.

Mr. Regan has significant credentials, credibility and experience, and while not every case will call for it, through our unique community of experts, we have assembled an extraordinary team of investigators and forensic accountants. If you or your company are facing a government investigation, securing counsel promptly is a good idea.

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